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Welcome to EventsYeah! The premiere events organizing platform. EventsYeah! gives you the tools to organize, plan, and manage any occasion whether it be for a banquet, speaking event, party, meeting, ceremony, wedding, fundraiser event, trade show, food drive or just a good old fashion get-together!

EventsYeah! keeps you organized while enabling you to seamlessly create, promote, and track your events and its attendees. Invite family and friends from anywhere in the world to attend or sign-up to bring required items or take part in participating in a role. Inform potential attendees about the event by identifying a cause and why their support is needed, then mobilize them to attend or even contribute money through our integrated payment collection tools!

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With EventsYeah! You can easily

No Image Organize a paid or unpaid event anywhere in the world.
No Image Coordinate events from your computer or mobile devices anywhere you are.
No Image Host a public or private event.
No Image Collect participants information and opinions by setting questionnaires on the event.
No Image Compose an email then invite targeted individuals to sign up, bring a required item(s), participate in a role, or make a donation.

No Image Organize a fundraising or multiday event.
No Image Sell items, collect fees, receive monetary donations and gifts right on your event. All money collected is directly deposited into your bank account.
No Image Share the highlights and favorite moments from your event with friends, family and community.
No Image Track all aspects of your events to include photo albums and videos, contact and attendee list, communications, donations and many other things pertinent to the event.
No Image Archive events and look back on them later.
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How it Works:


Create an Event or Cause

Provide a description on your event or fundraising cause explaining what, when, and why. Use Eventsyeah!'s unique features to customize your event or fundraising cause.


Preview and Publish

Utilize the preview feature to ensure that your event or fundraising cause looks just right, then publish it for your intended audience to see.


Engage with Participants

Engage with attendees or donors who have contributed to your fundraising cause through various communication tools, or share the experience through comments and photos.


  • Create a cause you value and raise funds for it.
  • Create a forum for a cause you care about and enlighten friends, family and the community about it.
  • Invite friends, family and the community to participate and contribute to your cause.
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So, if you are planning an amazing event with all your family and friends or the community, if you want your loved ones or community to be part of something greater, if you have a cause in mind that you would like to promote and fundraise for, sign up NOW.