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EventsYeah! does not charge any subscription fees. Registration and creation of events or causes are 100% FREE. However, a deduction of 0.5% is made from each transaction initiated on this platform.

Sometimes, it is easier to understand how the 0.5% fee works with an example!
If you recieved a donation or sell a ticket for $100.00, here is the calculation:

The 0.5% translates into ((0.5%)/100) =0.005. The ticket/donation is $100.00! Therefore, EventYeah! fee deduction is ($100.00x0.005)=$0.50.

Note: In the U.S, Stripe's processing fee is set at 2.9% +0.30 cents per transanction. This fee is virtually standard with many payment companies. The Stripe fee will be ($100.00x0.029)+$0.30=$3.20. The sum of deductions are $3.20+$0.50= $3.70. In the end, the total amount that will automatically be deposited into your account will be: ($100.00-$3.70)= $96.3

No hidden charges

EventsYeah! does not trap users into monthly subscription pricing options. Start planning your event and cause for free.

Volume discounts

Discounts are available to users that intend to have frequent monthly events. Contact us to discuss discount pricing options based on your needs.

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EventsYeah! gives 1000 email credits to Users for free every month. Once exhausted, Users can buy more credits and permanently get all EventsYeah!'s ad-free features.



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Included Features

  • Create A Fundraising Cause
  • create Fundraising Event
  • Create Paid and Unpaid Event
  • Event Planning and Coordination
  • Sell Event Tickets
  • View Photos and Videos Albums for Your Events
  • Custom Invitation Page
  • Email Individual Invitation
  • Email Group Invitation
  • 1000 Free Email Credits Monthly
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Schedule Email Reminders
  • Withdraw Invitation
  • Send Custom Group/Invdividual Messages
  • Attendees/Invitees Feedback
  • Administer Comments
  • Enable/Disable Features
  • Create Event Agenda and Budget and Display Them to Your Audience
  • 24 Hours 365 Days Support
  • Address and Map on Invitation Page
  • Collect Monetary Donations
  • Create Time Slots
  • Manage Time Slots
  • Recieve Monetary Contributions
  • View Contributions Reports
  • Item Contributions
  • item Contributions Reports
  • Create Admin Roles
  • Assign Admin Rights to A Role
  • Group and Individual Email Notification
  • Multiple Event Administrators
  • Unlimited Participants
  • Sharing Videos and Photos
  • Upload Contacts
  • Download Page to Help Upload Contacts
  • Copy and Share Event/Cause Page Link
  • Attendees/Invitees Report
  • Export Reports to Excel
  • Invitees Decline Report
  • Organize Private/Public Event

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