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Event Configuration

Each event has a purpose that impacts the way it will be organized. What is your event about?
Payments lets event organizer to collect money on event page. Funds collected can be in form of donations, gifts, fees and sell items.
Show Collect Fees lets event host to collect fees and sell items on the event page.
Show Donation lets event host to collect monetary donations and gifts on event page.
Volunteer Signup
Volunteer Signup allows an event host to quickly create a free online volunteer signup. The event host can create a list of duties/roles needed for the event with varying dates and timeslots. Participants will pick a duty/role from the list and commit to serve during the event.
Allow Volunteer Signup helps enable Volunteer Signup feature. You will create duties/roles to be included on event.
Enforce Volunteers Signup ensures participants commit to volunteer
Item Signup
Item Signup allows an event host to quickly create a free online item signup. The event host can create a list of items needed for the event and participants will pick an item from the list and pledge to bring it to the event.
Allow Item Signup helps enable Item Signup feature. You will create a list of items to be included on event.
Allow participants to bring unlisted items helps to collect items not requested on the event. Paticipants fill a form with what they will bring and item gets listed.
Enforce Item Signup ensures participants pledge item
Event Agenda lets participants know what is happening at event. Create event scheduled activities and share it with participants
Questionnaire allows an event host to quickly create free online questionnaire to collect participant's opinions and personal informaton.
Include Questionnaire enables Questionnaire feature for event host to create questions that will be displayed on event invitation.
Retake Questionnaire lets participants correct completed questionnare
Event Budget lets participants know how much is needed for the event. Create a budget for the event and share it with participants. Budgets can be used to set a fundraising goal amount.
Show Comments lets participants to post comments on event page
Allow Uninvited participants lets uninvited guests to signup for the event
Allow social media sharing lets participants to share event on social media

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