Got an Event? Got a Cause? WE GOT YOU!

EventsYeah! is an event landing page platform for users that want to showcase a specific cause or event to share with friends, family and the community. Our mission is to mobilize and empower individuals to bring people together thus bringing the world together. Furthermore, EventsYeah! allows users to fundraise and/or sell items through an easy-to-use payment processing feature. Collected money is deposited directly into your bank account! We take pride in helping people all over the world connect and support the causes which they are passionate about. EventsYeah! knows that supporting a cause is not just about giving money, it’s about giving one’s time, voice, energy, and heart. This is why we are committed to saving you time and ensuring that your message gets out there. We have enabled thousands of individuals to bring their loved ones all over the world together to be part of memorable events. We are dedicated to making event planning effortless while making attendee feel at ease knowing their privacy is secure and safe.


FREE Creation of Event and Cause
Creating event and/or cause on EventsYeah! is totally FREE. However, charges are attached to any succesful transaction or donation made for the event or cause. A deduction of 0.5% is made from each transaction initiated on this platform.
Email Invitations and Reminders
Our built-in event promotion and social sharing tools help create massive awareness for your events and causes. EventsYeah! gives 1000 email credits to users for free every month. Once exhausted, users can buy more credits.
EventsYeah! Payment Processing
Your invitees or donors can pay online, using our payment processor: Stripe while you get paid out quickly. Note that this payout option charge a processing fee.

EventsYeah!'s existence depends on donations, ads and the very small fee deducted on each transaction. There are no subscription fees.

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How it Works:

Sign up
The first step to getting started is registering on EventsYeah!.
Create an Event or a Cause
Create your event or cause by providing a detailed description of your event or cause explaining what, when, and why. Eventsyeah!'s unique features enables users to customize their event or cause. Our features enable you to:
  • Choose which features best fit your needs to display on the invitation. For example, you can add Volunteer Signups, Item Signups, set event fees ,sell items, photos, allow donations and comments.
  • Create an item signup list and let participants sign up for an item to bring to your event.
  • Create volunteer signups with time slots varying dates and duties and let participants sign up for a time slot during your event.
  • Create participant duties and allow invitees to sign up for a role to serve in. Note: Invitees that sign up for a role become part of your event organizer's team.
  • Add desired features to your cause and share it with friends, family and the community.
  • Add questionnaires to collect participants information and opinion.
  • Raise funds from participants and well-wishers by enabling donations, sell items and set a fee for the event.
Preview and Publish
Utilize the previewing feature to ensure that your event or cause looks just right and publish it for your intended audience.
Link Bank Account
Users need to link their bank account to Stripe's Standard Account. All monetary contributions are directly received in the linked bank account.
Invite your friends, family, and well-wishers to sign up from anywhere in the world. It is that simple. EventsYeah! makes it very easy to organize any event and cause!
Engage with Participants
With Eventsyeah! you can engage with invitees or donors who will attend your event or contribute to your cause through the administrator, comment, and photo sharing features. You can also:
  • Schedule reminders to be sent later on to invitees.
  • Communicate with stakeholders via email and vice-versa.
  • Customize the look and feel of your Event/Cause page by adding header and footer banners and background colors.
  • Share videos and photos on your Event and fundraising cause page.
  • View invitees that signed up to attend your event and plan accordingly.
  • Decide whether to display images, video, descriptions, comments and make an event public or private.
  • Withdraw an invitee’s invitation.

Join EventsYeah! and become a part of something spectacular. Register now to explore more features.

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