Plan your next event like a pro

Create an event

Exceptional end-to-end tool to raise money and organize in-person and online events. Concurrently sell tickets and merchandise, manage participants and collect monetary donations and gifts. Seamlessly create, promote, and manage your event. Easily browse events and invite friends, family and the community to RSVP.

How It Works

Create your event
  • Tell people what your event is about.
  • Sell tickets & merchadise.
  • Raise money for your event.
  • Include coordinator & item sign-up.
  • Share photos & videos.
  • Set agenda & questionnaire.
  • Customize look & feel.
  • Plus more

Promote your event
  • Share on social media.
  • Send email invitations.
  • Send text message invitations.

Manage your event
  • Collect contributions.
  • Manage & thank participants.
  • Share feedback.
  • Engage participants.
  • Review reports, survey & comments.
  • Browse events.